Midfield Volunteer Fire Dept

Cnr 4th and Rawls [PO Box 15]
Midfield TX 77458
Matagorda County, USA

SFFMA-TX Dept ID # 157845
501c3 EIN 76-0232556

Officer appointments

The people who stand up and take on officer roles in Volunteer Fire Depts are vital to keeping the dept running as a professional organization. Despite the posts being volunteer, all members of the dept are considered to be employees of the dept and as such fall under normal government requirements and protections.

Field officers

Vic Collins Chief of Dept
Jim Mote 1st Assistant Chief
Bishop Fitzgerald 2nd Assistant Chief
Stewart Foley 3rd Assistant Chief
Cody Ferguson Captain
Travis Gardner Captain
Michael Byrn Leiutenant
Jason Lewis Leiutenant

Admin officers

Michael Byrn President
Christy Collins Secretary
Robert Knox Treasurer
Andrew Seigrist Chaplain
Stewart Foley Training Officer
Matt Guerra Training Officer


When someone becomes a firefighter their greatest act of bravery has been accomplished;
What they do after that is all in the line of work.
 -- Edward F. Croker (paraphrased)