Midfield Volunteer Fire Dept

52 Rawls Ave [PO Box 15]
Midfield TX 77458
Matagorda County, USA

SFFMA-TX Dept ID # 157845
501c3 EIN 76-0232556

Calendar of Events

Business Meetings

  • Business Meetings - 2nd Friday of the Month; 6:30pm
    Committee members reports
    Progress reports on works/projects
    Treasurers report
    New member introductions


  • Weekly training sessions - Thursday; 7pm
    Generally conducted on station grounds
    Mix of practical and theory
    May include joint training with mutual aid depts
    Mandatory attendance - one Thursday per month

  • Fire field training sessions - dates to be advised
    Organized pending availability of fire fields in El Campo or Brazoria
    Usually run with multiple mutual aid departments

When someone becomes a firefighter their greatest act of bravery has been accomplished;
What they do after that is all in the line of work.
 -- Edward F. Croker (paraphrased)